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About Us

The goals of the Experiential Programs Office for continuing education and training are:
  • To provide innovative, affordable, and practical pharmacy education on a wide range of topics including: Precepting, Immunization Administration Certification, and Sterile Preparations Certification.  The courses are designed to satisfy the individual’s personal and professional goals and the requirements established by their respective state boards;
  • Offer the highest eminence of preceptor training and education and specialty certification courses by recruiting adept and distinctive faculty; developing targeted objectives suitable for the audience type; and unbiased, medically based content;
  • Utilize surveys to measure the outcomes of programs including the prior knowledge of  the participants on the given subject matter; quality of faculty; educational setting; program content; and the effect on the attendees’ practice following the program;
  • Employ advanced technology and innovative learning methods that are targeted towards the different learning styles of participants.